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Review of Dreamcatcher by Amanda Sheridan From Staff Reviewer Laura Lyndhurst

Things are not going well for Ilan and Jennifer. And it comes across in the frosty reception he receives on return from his last mission—last in every sense. He’s retired from the organisation that he put his life on the line for, and he almost lost it. He should have been grateful for that, as Jennifer’s attitude makes crystal clear when he walks through the door.


For her part, Jennifer is resentful for what saving her husband’s life cost her. She’s bound to Saul Mueller—who always brings Saul Berenson of C4’s Homeland to mind—for as long as he wants her. She’s the only one with her special skills in the country’s service. It’s the way Saul and Ilan brought it about that Jennifer can’t forget. And the dream-as-real-as-life that made her so frightened of her husband.


Conjugal harmony is off the table, and Jennifer’s on the night shift for the foreseeable. But her dreams—including one that touches on Saul’s family—are anything but sweet. And then the pandemic strikes. Cue lockdown, and Jennifer and Ilan are forced into closer proximity. It looks as if forced house arrest might do the trick after talking to her husband, and her friendly shrink didn’t work.


And just when things are looking up for the troubled couple, things go off at a tangent, and they are in peril. Jennifer’s dreams turn into a nightmare, and Ilan is forced to experience life from her side of the duvet. There’s also a little unexpected assistance through a voice from the past.


Can they work it out? It’s touch and go, and, as this is the final book in the series, things could go either way. A page-turning narrative that builds to a climax from Amanda Sheridan, author of Rapid Eye Movement and The Dreaming, the first two books in the series.

Highly recommended.




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