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Review of Esther's Journey by Beverley Latimer

If ever a story needed telling, this one is it.

It’s 1942. Meet Esther. She has it all.

However, she’s a Jew, and in Europe, at that time, that’s the worst thing a human being could be. The rest of the world dealt with their own war, oblivious. We had our own problems to deal with– it wasn’t that nobody cared. Nobody knew. People say they lost everything, but this lady did. I refuse to call her a character because she’s a reality. She was invented in the author’s imagination, but Esther lived in real life in many people. Six million Jews were slaughtered in the heinous Holocaust—they lost everything, right down to their names and identities.

This book is the story of Esther’s incredible courage, bravery, and ultimate sacrifice to save her children’s lives. It’s the heroism of one woman’s personal battle in a terrible war within a war.

This is the harshest reality and the sweetest love story you can possibly read. Read this book and weep for a nation.

People often say a book stayed with them long after the final page has been turned—I believe this one will.

This is fiction. This is the fact.


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