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Review of Fair Play By Grace Grahme

I can’t praise this book highly enough. I adored it. It’s well thought out, well researched, and very marketable. It’s one of my favourite stories of the year so far. I can see this on the bookshop shelves. I’d say this is as good a story as the top writers in the romance genre.  Brilliant.

This is the second book in the series, the first follows a CEO called Kathryn, and this one follows her work partner, Janet. The story is gripping, tense and inspired.

The firm has landed a massive contract in Scotland, and Janet is forced to relocate from Texas. We join her as she meets not one but two very eligible bachelors on the plane out—an excellent start to romantic times—but then there’s Robert. She met him during initial meetings to set up the contract, and she’s keen to see if the initial spark is still there. However, he is technically her boss.

We are taken to posh corporate events, and of course, that means posh-frock shopping beforehand. We are going to Morocco for a holiday. Then, we are involved with a whiskey distillery estate that is being renovated as a wedding venue. The story is absolutely stunning. I loved the description. I was captivated and enthralled.

The dialogue is so perfect it blew me away. The dry humour between the characters is just fantastic. It’s smooth as silk and rich as chocolate. We have enough history and culture to leave you wanting more.

Morocco, I was there again—I wanted more of that. The author brings the country and the colour to life and lets the region’s atmosphere soak into your soul. However, the trip doesn’t come without danger and tension. The Sahara can be as cold as it is hot—and she’s an unforgiving temptress.

One of the Best Book Editors highly recommended books of the 2021 summer.





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