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Review of Perdita, the Witch and the Toyshop by S S Saywack.

Perdita, the Witch and the Toyshop by S S Saywack.

It is a delight to edit this author’s work.

When this story came in for editing, I put it straight out to one of our sub-editors for the first of three full edits. Her feedback was that she had to remind herself that she was working. She adored this story and said it was her favourite of everything she’d done since coming to work for us.

BBE had topped the two hundred client mark this month—and I have to say that SS Saywack is one of our best authors. We have worked on both Inglestone Manor and Perdita. They are both excellent and better than highly recommended by the team. We will see a lot more of Perdita, or this author will have an Annie Wiles on his hands.

This is a short story at 12,000 words, and I don’t know whether this is part of a collective book or a stand-alone in what I hope will be a long-running series. I hope the latter. It’s perfect for small people to deal with.

A book for children. This story has just been read by two twenty-something and fifty-something-year-old children, and we loved it. I’d market it for an age range from 5 to 90 years.

Perdita is going to be a detective—like her Dad. She writes notes in her manual and everything.

But there are strange goings-on afoot. Animals and people—children even—are vanishing.  The colourful band of strangers who camp at the edge of the forest every year are to blame. It’s Them.

Perdita investigates.

A story for children—a moral for adults. This is a story about prejudice and perception.

Stunningly brilliant.

Shush, it’s a secret, but buying a set of SS Saywck for my grandchildren in paperback for Christmas. One to look out for, and grab your copy as soon as you see it. I am.

Inglestone Manor By SS Saywack.



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