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Review of The Winemaker’s Son by Beverley Latimer

A must for the summer when the sun is high over your head or for the winter when the cold nights have marched in, and you long for the sunshine to pour over you again— Let’s go to the vineyards of France. In fact, this is a book that’s just perfect for any time of the year.

Saffron and Marcus have an excellent marriage. Yes, he likes things a certain way, and it’s easier to go with what he wants to do than make a fuss. After three years, Saffron has learned how he likes his toast and not to forget to put the bins out. So they rarely have a cross word.

She is blessed by the greatest surprise of her life when she finds out she accidentally ‘got caught.’ They’d discussed having children. Of course, they did, but they had careers and a world to travel before they bogged themselves down with dirty nappies. As she looked at the blue line on the pregnancy test, she hoped Marcus would be as thrilled as she was.

Dreams come, and they are delicate.  Dreams can shatter. The worst day of her life was still early in the pregnancy. She woke in the hospital and had a  world of healing to overcome. As part of the recovery process, France calls to Saffron with its serenity and peace.

This talented writer takes us to the French vineyards. The description of time and place is sublime. I love anything to do with travel and culture.

Saffron watches the sun shine again. No matter what happens, in her tiny world, the sun still comes up in the morning and retreats at night.

She doesn’t want company, but if finds her and she’s befriended by somebody who has grown up here. She pours her heart out while he holds his story back. When it comes, she realises how her suffering is not the only pain in the world.

We are introduced to two families with very different lifestyles. The description is beautiful, and the characterisation and the way the people meld with one another as a family is a craft not many writers accomplish. The story is harsh in places but always told with a gentle hand.

Beverley Latimer is an established author with two previous titles, Esther’s Journey and Hannah.  An author of grace, style and beautiful storytelling.

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