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Testimonial Jenna O’Malley for Editing

An editor is next. If you want to be considered a professional: Get a good editor.

Before people jump on me otherwise:

I’m an English teacher. I know what the woes of peer editing looks like, and it doesn’t get better just because we’re writers. I don’t edit my own stuff, and I teach writing for a living. If you’re looking at going trad or indie: hire. A. Good. Editor. This is where you spend your money other than a good artist for covers/marketing.

I once did freelance through Upwork or Fivrr as a ghostwriter and editor. You DON’T always get what you pay for, and both sites are full of potential scammers who steal your work and money. Look for someone like mine who is a veteran in the field. Keep in mind: you get what you pay for in many cases, too. A $50 edit is not always the same depth and polish as a $350 edit–the better editors normally (not always) want more money with good reason.

My editor over at is highly knowledgeable about the next steps after editing, so a good editor could also give you greater direction than just editing.



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