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Jake Shuford for Beneath The Sand 29th Nov 2020

Jake Shuford for Beneath The Sand 29th Nov 2020

For review purposes:

Katherine Black of Best Book Editors is an amazing editor who I’ll definitely be asking for help in the future. She was kind, on time, and above all, knowledgeable on how things should work. 10/10 would highly recommend to anyone. Thanks so much again!

You’re amazing! I AM LOVING WHAT I’M READING THUS FAR. (Sorry I know you hate caps and parenthesis and exclamation marks) I’m on chapter three and agree with what you’re saying about the kids not acting their age and the parents not acting like parents. I’ve cleaned it up and it sounds much more realistic. (I hope). WIll work non stop until this is done. Like you, I’m a fast worker and plan to be done and ready to send back to you in a few days. I know this is earlier for you, but if you could get me in earlier than the 16th for half-price Second Pass, then that would be great. Totally understand if you are busy. Started book 3 for fun, so would love for you to read that too. (Way in the future, discuss later)

Have a great day,