Best Book Editors

Sean Armstrong for Editing 1st September 2021

I hired Best Books Editors after I saw a post on Facebook warning authors of a fraud. After being scammed by two fake editors and losing a lot of money, I decided to use Best Book Editor’s services to edit my book, The Green Girl and The Serum. As you can imagine, I was very wary of going down the same route again.

In my honest opinion, I couldn’t have spent my money more wisely. The amount of support I have had from them is second to none. Katherine and her team are serious about their commitment to authors and helping them reach their goal of being published, either in the traditional field or through self-publishing.


I will say that I will be hiring her and her team again to edit my other five manuscripts. I really trust them and their judgement and abilities. They have really impressed me—but more than that, they have renewed my faith in people.


Katherine, I really trust you and your abilities and judgement.




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