Best Book Editors

Testimonial from Kelly Jeanne 11th March 2024 for Live Skype Writing Tuition

Hello Everyone!
I had to come in today and talk about the editing session on Monday I had with Sooz Simpson/Katherine Black of Best Book Editors.

The first thing that struck me about her is that she’s a very lovely and gracious person! I say gracious because I came into the room an hour early completely forgetting that yesterday was when the time change took effect.
I had been Pming her with one message after another in hopes she would hear the notifications from each message sent and realize something was up, not because I was freaking out.
After about a half hour she came into the room and was so pleasant about it. It wasn’t until after our meeting that I was made aware of the time change.

Anyway, when all that was settled we got to work on my piece. Let me tell you, she really knows her stuff, people! At first, I was a bit concerned because some of the punctuation styles we utilize in the States are different than in the UK. For instance, here in the States we use double quotation marks in dialogue. Those in the UK use single quotation marks.

I love how Sooz went through it line by line with me and talked in depth about my obsession with exclamation points!!!!! I told her it’s because all my characters are in a constant state of panic and that I got the exclamation points at a discount, so I may as well use them!!!!!!

The cost of this one lesson was £25, but worked out to $32.24. That’s still a pretty good deal. That was the best $32 I’ve spent in a long time.

Thank you, Sooz, for the great editing session!!!! I would definitely urge everyone to sit with her while she lets her genius run wild!
Please, I urge you to book an appointment with her TODAY. You won’t regret it!!!!! Happy writing everyone!!!!

Sooz, I hope you’re proud of the fact that I kept the exclamation points to a minimum…‼️‼️‼️