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Review of Love at War by Alan Hardy

This slips straight into the story beautifully. We have the inner machinations of Jennie and the backstory of how Malcolm did her wrong.


I’ve read Alan’s books, and this one is the best. It’s my favourite because it feels relaxed. The writer is confident in his craft. He knows what he’s doing and exactly where he’s going.


The book is heavy on the description, but that is perfect for the period and genre, and it’s just enough ‘chocks away’ in dialogue to transport the reader to  WWII.


Malcolms got himself in a mess, and Jennie’s the girl to get him out of it.


What I love most about this book was the attention to detail and the research that’s gone into getting that detail right.


Great nostalgia for times gone by—even though I’m not quite that old.


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