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Review of All the Right Things: A Grady Romance: Book 1 (Grady Romances)

Andi’s life hits a brick wall at 60 miles an hour. She has some decisions to make and uproots her life to move cross-country to a hick mid-west town with no designer clothes shops.  As per her luck, the removal van with all of her stuff ends up in a different town from the one she’s in, and she has to go days without it. Her landlord comes to the rescue—but she is forced to wear checked flannel!


After an unstable upbringing, tough life and a bad marriage, she falls in love in the unlikeliest place and against all odds. Her past is always lurking and throws jealousy and insecurity at her. After an Idylic

start, the barriers go up, and her happiness is threatened.


This book isn’t for the faint-hearted. It’s steamy—and make no mistake. At times they could do with a bucket of water throwing over them—but these two would only use it as a sexual opportunity. As much as there is passion on almost every page, it is well-written sex and doesn’t fall too much into the slippery pit of cliche.


The beauty of this book is that anybody who has ever fallen ridiculously in love will relate. Renee takes us through every emotion that every one of us has felt, from crush to the first date, to sex and all its insecurities to bang—I’m in love.


And she bigs-up to the plus-size woman. Andi isn’t a petite stereotype—she has curves, and Jonas teaches her how to be proud of them.


An engaging story of heady love-at-first-sight—and don’t we all love the romance of that feeling? From an old, happily-settled and very much in love woman—thanks for the memories of those first three months.


Now, where’s that chandelier to swing from?