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Review of Before the Storm by Robin Roberts

This book is one of the most accomplished and technically well-written books I’ve seen this year.


The author, Robin Roberts, knows one end of a submarine from the other, that’s for sure. And that’s where part of the excellence of this book lies. The author knows exactly what they’re talking about. The research is inherent because the author has lived it, and sea water runs through their veins instead of blood.


The other thing that makes this so good is the faultline of dry humour running throughout the book. The characters are well rounded and gel together beautifully.


The story centres around modern-day piracy on the high seas. A group of black marketeers are stealing submarines, and it’s down to our good guys to stop them. The author captures the tension and claustrophobia of being submerged in a tin tube well.


This book should be held up as a quality standards marker for every author out there.


This book is a highly recommended 5-star read. I wish every indie author wrote as well. We give out very few BBE Recommended Read Awards, and this is one of them.






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