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Review of Beyond Blood by Jack King

Beyond Blood Jack King

Giving that other monarch a run for his money.

I love a good detective story.

Detective Husto’s in a fast-paced race against time as the body count stacks up…and then the serial killer moves his sights. A guess-along whodunit.

Another thing to mention about this book is that it’s very well written and free of errors, a big plus these days.

A Great read and this Mr King is also one to watch.

Blurb: When Detective Cliff Husto investigates the deaths of a well-respected couple in Houston, the meager evidence points to a murder/suicide fueled by jealous rage.

But Husto’s instinct tells him otherwise.

He’d just stumbled onto the invisible trail of a fiendishly clever mass killer. A homicidal maniac who leaves no physical trace and no hint at a possible motive. As several employees of the iconic advertising agency Mathis & Oliver suddenly begin piling up dead, Husto begins a tangled cross-country search that ultimately leads to a horribly depraved family past, and a gruesomely executed present.

But time is running out to catch this Madman.

Because Cliff Husto, his lovely wife, their two young sons, and Irish setter Reagan are next on the killer’s agenda!

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