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Review of Captive Love by Joni Martins

Fast, clean, simple, complex

Something odd happens in this book. It’s a good-sized, satisfying story, not a silly little novella masquerading as a novel, and yet, it reads at a cracking pace. The author has a particular style. It’s not stripped-back, laid-bare writing. In fact, it’s just the opposite, but it’s written in a very stripped-back style. You make sense of that. I can’t. It’s wordy and yet clean, a total contradiction, but it works.

We read from three POVs, which is great because we see things from everybody’s perspective. I have a huge soft spot for Sam, but I keep big grumpy old reptiles and see their sweet side. He’s written in such simple, understated terms that you want to pick him up, sit him on your knee, wipe his snotty nose and tell him, ‘There there.’ This is a grown man with no obvious impairment. However, he’s written with such understanding.

The author has chosen not to tell the story entirely in his head which is a good thing because we get Lydia and Rob’s feelings as well.

I don’t know why Lydia didn’t make more effort at escape, but who knows how you would react in her situation until you’re in it.  She works and works well. We follow her rationale and reasoning in every decision.

The book shows how crisis can push feelings to the surface that the characters didn’t know they had—and the author has set up beautifully for the next book in the series.

Rounding up, it’s a cracking story that licks along faster than most books due to the author’s no-nonsense style.

Tell me you don’t want to adopt Sam? No? Okay.

A very enjoyable read, much enjoyed.





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