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Review of From The Shadows by Caroline Muwaniri

Charming. Sometimes I identify books by the first word that comes to mind when I think about them. In this case, the word is charming. This is a sensitively written  Fantasy love story with a twist.


We follow the life of Cely, a young girl forced into servitude in a grand palace. While this is never for one second heavy or so deep that it’s dry, it’s a great look at social class and hierarchy due to discrimination. Cely is not judged for the colour of her skin—but for something else.


The description is just stunning, and in times of trouble, Cely is drawn to the gorgeous old Cherry tree and the grave she’s tasked with tending there.


A beautiful book with a tight and engaging story. I have an inkling there’s more to come from our Cely. Coming soon.


One to watch out for.






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