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Review of Her Dark Soul (Dark Spell Series; book one) by Isra Sravenheart

This is a brand new series from this talented author. It has everything that you’d want or expect from a magical dark fairytale. We are enveloped in a world of pure escapism, and before you realise it, the book is finished, and you’re left wanting more—you can move straight onto the next book in the series.


We follow the story of the troubled Lady Isra.  I love this story because good characters aren’t just good and bad ones bad, and we’re expected to accept that. We are given a reason for her intense nature. The dark witch, Lady Isra, is ostracised by the humans and shunned by society. She has loved and lost. She is hurt and affected deeply by the loneliness and segregation she feels.


A beautifully woven story of romance and mysticism all wrapped up in the magic of an enchanted world. Summoning a transformation into the embodiment of the mighty dragon, Lady Isra overcomes her tribulations and finds company in an unlikely form.


We have love, loss, romance spells, invisibility, magic, wonder, conflict and resolution.  I can’t think of a much better way to spend a cold winter’s night.


Her branding  is bang  on point and her covers are pretty spectaular and eye-catching too.


Other Books by Isra Sravenheart can be found  here onher Amazon Author Page.





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