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Review of Ixchel's Secret by Natasha George Patrick

A fantastic story of Mayan culture and mythology.


If there’s one thing I adore above most else it’s a good travelogue. When you’re stuck in rainy, bleak England, in the middle of January, and the only way you’re getting out of town is by disappearing into a book of foreign places, it’s bliss. And this didn’t disappoint in that respect. A good portion of the book takes place in the Belize rainforest. Gorgeous.


Another thing I love is history. This deals with both ancient and modern aspects of Mayan life and culture. The author has studied Mayan culture and mythology extensively, and the breadth of knolwlege in this story is a delight when you want more than just boy meets girl.


The story is well developed, and the characters work well together. It has a good mix of horror when we get to the temples and pyramids.


We have some odd use of contractions and some of the sentence structure is unusual, but it only adds to the charm of the story as you get into the flow of the author’s style. We have some reference material at the end of the book that I enjoyed as well.


I enjoyed this story and particularly the geography, history and cultural aspects of the book.



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