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Review of Let Me by staff Reviewer Laura Lyndhurst

Review of Let Me by staff Reviewer Laura Lyndhurst’s

Jennifer’s life has spiralled out of the light and into the darkness with the unfortunate circumstances which have come her way. Working long hours as a waitress at The Dark Rooms is a long way from making the white wedding dresses she wanted to design, but desertion by her mother and the subsequent death of her heart-broken father—who turned to the bottle for comfort—has left her with no choice.

She’s forced into the position of being guardian to her younger brother Joshua, vulnerable to the wrong influences and falling into a life of crime in the absence of parents and Jennifer without enough hours in the day to be there for him as much as he needs.

She’s caught the attention of Zach, owner of The Dark Rooms and with a personal preference for the dominant-submissive services which his club facilitates for his clientele. He’s attractive, but self-reliant, and Jennifer finds it difficult to trust him, or anybody else, and rejects his advances.

As the word no doesn’t appear in Zach’s vocabulary, they hit a stalemate.

The consequences of Joshua’s illegal activities impact on Jennifer. She’s brutally beaten by a man Josh owes money to, and after a two-year stretch that he blames Jennifer’s brother for, he’s back, and looking for payback.

Can Jennifer overcome her conditioned inability to trust Zach, when he reaches out with an offer of help?

Expect suspense, thrills and some erotic romance before finding out whether Jennifer can overcome her darkness and return to the light, with Zach by her side. Are there wedding dresses waiting for her?





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