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Review of Repent at Leisure by Greta Harvey

Repent at Leisure by Greta Harvey

Synopsis: A pet food shop. Who would have thought it could hide such a murky story of violence and intrigue? Mal would never have taken that lift if he had known his fate. Years later, Cynthia may have even thought twice about embarking on a holiday with her cousin in Brisbane. Naïve and looking for excitement, if she had not been attracted to the handsome Macca, none of it would have happened. A party in a rough rural setting, and disturbing animal noises in the out-of-bounds shed, were enough to send Cynthia for the police. But there was too much at stake for the men to let her get away. Thankfully, her cousin Meg sensed trouble.

This is the latest book by three-time author Greta Harvey. Her other titles are Waiting in Wattlevale and F n B’s House Sitters. I like that the three books are all very different in storyline showing the author’s diversity. These days it’s all the rage to write a series, but why not have really good stand-alone stories that finish before they have the chance to get stale?


And there’s nothing remotely foisty about this book. From the outset, it grabs you and pulls you in.  I’m a sucker for anything animal-related, so I loved reading about the pet food business. I’m also an absolute travel junkie, so I like being taken out of our bleak, wet English winter to experience other places worldwide.


The writing is tight and smooth with a pace that leads you by the nose from one page to the next. The dialogue and characterisation are believable, and the description sublime. From a seemingly innocuous beginning, Cynthia finds herself in big trouble. And, when the chips are down, we all want a cousin like Meg. A tense and gripping thriller interlaced with some cracking sparks of humour.




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