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Review of The Book Club; Imogen’s Story by Ali Fischer

The Book Club; Imogen’s Story by Ali Fischer

This book opens with something I’ve never seen before. The author has included a music playlist to run along with the story. I love, love, love the playlist—I thought I’d seen it all in this job, but I have never seen that. What a fantastic idea. I have to say it’s wasted on me because I get distracted very easily and am one of those people who has to have silence to read. However, I know a lot of people do listen to music when they’re reading, and for them, this is nothing short of inspired. What a fabulous idea. I’ve got a feeling that Ms Fischer will start a trend. Authors the world over will be jumping on the playlist bandwagon. Brilliant.

Getting to the story, it does exactly what it says on the can—with a twist. The author has taken a classic corporate romance and given it an authentic thriller twist. Add a stalker to any book, and it’s hard-pressed not to be a winner. Corporate romance is one of the big genres trending at the moment, and this one will not disappoint. It’s a fantastic story.

This is the first in a series of books centred around a group of girls in a raunchy book club.

We follow Imogen, a woman recently out of an abusive relationship, in this first book. She’s moved herself, home and work to escape her ex—and life is looking fantastic.

Especially when she meets her boss—the rich and debonaire Cameron. What was it about the millionaire Cameron that made you fall in love with him, Miss Taylor? However, while he showers her in the good life, this isn’t the story of a gold digger as Imogen finds out what love really is. The story is hard, tight and smooth—I sound like the plotline!

The writing is beautiful, and the story lilts along at a fair old pace. A perfect winter night’s read for anybody looking to escape into a good old romance.




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