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Review of The Green Girl and the Serum by STL Armstrong

This is the first in a series of books by a new author. Despite working around the additional challenges that cerebral palsy brings, Sean Armstrong has worked hard on the series of six novels. He’s a remarkable man and has a great passion for his writing, despite his disability.

We are set in the very near future, where scientists are working on a cure for cancer. The first human trials are carried out with some dramatic and unforeseen results.  Test subjects injected with the serum develop new abilities and powers. The evil Dr Young adapts the serum to heighten these effects and sells out to the government.  A new race of people is created.

The first book in the series follows our heroes Ben Fox and his girlfriend, Stacey Roberts. Ben has formed a band of Mega Humans and has created a safe place for them to live called Haven. The Mega Humans are ostracized by society.

Haven is under attack from the Government, the military, and an opposing band of Mega Humans called The Outcasts, as alliances are formed, broken and re-formed.  Their very existence is under threat.

Meanwhile, Stacey, the green-skinned girl, is coming to terms with changes in her abilities as she adapts and evolves to another change in her metabolism. Her new power develops as the story unfolds, but is it a blessing or a curse?

We have the conflict and resolution of fringe relationships. Stacey is reunited with her estranged father, the scientist James Roberts, instrumental in developing the serum with Dr Young.

The plot is fast and pacey, and nothing stands still for long. The characterisation is strong as relationships develop, break and reform. The characters are well-developed, bright and—colourful.

Armstrong has set the seal well on the first book in the series.  Aimed at a young adult readership, these books are a must for anybody that loves a good old, down-to-earth superhero—the book is packed with brains, brawn and abilities.

A Best Book Editors recommended read.



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