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Review of The Mountain of Death by Imen Nouira.


This is a beautiful story that pulls you in and captivates you. It follows the fairy-tale format  of a hard-luck, poor, family come good. And they all live happily ever after.


We have the traditional wicked step-mother, who must be thwarted at all costs, her scheming and conniving is off the scale.  And we have the kind and loving father and sister.


The story centres around a young shepherd lad. He’s a good boy and wants to do well for his family. To find lush grazing for his sheep, he has to venture onto Death Mountain.


It’s a feel-good story and every element is tied together And rounded off to a tense and gripping finale.



Lovely writing from a great storyteller—watch out Mr Hans Christina Anderson. This lady is one to look out for.




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