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Review of The Purple Moon by Deidre Dorsett.

We all have dark days. In times of confusion, when you’re stressed, sad or just overwhelmed by all the things that life throws at you, this is the perfect book. It isn’t just a story—it’s a concept book. It has a design—and that’s to bring calm and The Light into your life.

This is a book that you can dib in and out of to take a few words from to ease you through your day. It’s a book about spirituality—and specifically, the spirituality that we all have within us. It isn’t linked to any specific religion—it isn’t that book. It’s about finding your inner light and harnessing it to work for you. The author has cleverly linked the book to her design company, Aringa Creations, which sells gorgeous wall art and everything from mugs through clothing to backpacks and duvet covers. Her book—and those to follow—fall in line with her brand and link well with her other products.

Ms Dorsett’s design model is to help people find their inner light through her books, and to make people smile. Everything has a reason and a purpose if you pay attention. If she plants a seed of happiness and a thought of inspiration into your day, her goal is accomplished.

The central character in The Purple Moon is called Delight. And we quickly develop an affinity with him as he soars free of his body and finds wonder and joy in this new experience. The symbolism is strong, and the writing is filled with serenity and beauty.

In a world that can sometimes be ugly and unkind, this is a feel-good book of escapism. The story has some elegant rhyme and phrasing—but make no mistake, this is a powerful book with big muscles. Read, relax and if you find yourself in astral projection, leaving your physical form to soar with the stars—go with it and enjoy.

We are all filled with light—sometimes, we just need to believe it.