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Review of Trafficking Innocence by Nalani Titcomb

One of the best Indie novels I’ve read in a long time. The story is set in Hawaii—what’s not to like, right? It’s dismal here in bleak old England, and this book comes with a healthy dollop of tropical sunshine included. It tells of long, hot days spent horseriding and surfing.

This book has got a bit of everything. It has all the elements of a hard-hitting, gritty thriller, but the edges are softened with a lovely family-slice drama.  Our Leading lady, Taylor, feels inadequate. That damn-man-done-her-wrong and left her bringing up her son, Jax, on her own. Seems the fault is with the no-good waster, but Taylor takes it upon herself to feel the brunt of it.

It’s been her and Jax against the world for a long time, and I tell you, mess with that child, and you do not want to take on the mother. She’s fierce and will do anything to keep him safe.

Kids are going missing all over the islands, and when Jax is taken, his mother goes armed to get him back.  In a dramatic car chase shootout, it’s all over in a chapter, and she shows those bad men what a mother can do.

That’s the start of their troubles. After a  dramatic camping trip, Taylor and Jax return home to find that the bad men aren’t going away nicely. She grabs Jax, and they go into hiding. There’s more drama at the airport when they land on one of the smaller islands to stay on her uncle’s farm, and we have all kinds of FBI involvement.

Jax can identify them. The bad men are going to track them down, and they’re coming. We know that but in the meantime, we have the most beautifully told slice of summer-on-the-farm family living—but it’s Hawaii, so we have the ocean and the mountains, too.

This may be an indie-published book, but the writing is excellent. The nuts and bolts of crafting a novel are all screwed on tight, so you won’t find it peppered with typos, as some indie books are. The characters are well-drawn and tight. The author writes passionately to bring an emotional story that hinges on a family’s love for each other and how they band together in a time of crisis. I was engrossed in this story—loved it.




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