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Review of Waking up Rich by SN

This author dares to take history as we know it and completely rewrite it—it’s brilliant.

I would suggest before reading this book, you take a double dose of anti-motion-sickness medication because the pace is frenetic.

This author writes one heck of a story. The imagination in this novel is terrific. Imagine looking at the big news stories of the last ten years and then thinking—Ah, but what if it didn’t happen like that? That is precisely what this excellent writer has done.

The story is embroiled in the workings of the CIA. We begin, as many action stories do with a shoot-out, the agent hero’s girlfriend is killed –that gives him a giant axe to grind.

From there, we are taken to North Korea and are thrown into the race for a nuclear armament set to blast the United States into orbit and unleash the Third World War.

Does anybody really know how bitcoin came about?

And then there’s the man with amnesia waking from a year-long coma in an unfamiliar hospital setting.  Who doesn’t love a book with a good case of memory loss?

The subplots twine and intertwine to converge at the perfect ending where all the loose ends are tied and pretty much any baddies left standing are shot—except one.

This book shocked me twice. I’d waited for 50 pages for what I knew was going to happen. The author had cleverly set it up and dropped all his clues. I had it all sussed out—no, I was wrong.  It was very well done.

And then there’s the sneaky little twist at the end—didn’t see that one coming, brilliant.

While this could be described as a very boys-toys action book, it is. But that’s not all it is because the intricacies and twists in the character’s relationships make it a crossover book that anybody can enjoy.

The wealth of writing talent out there blows me away. I think the days of indie authors being able to put out under-par and poorly written books are coming to an end. This book is a testament that you don’t have to go to the mainstream big names for a cracking read. This book is tight, fast, intelligent and imaginative.  Another one on my highly recommended list.