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Review of: Simon: Not Your Average Superhero. Lucas W. Mayberry

I come to this one backwards because I read the second book in the series first. However, I was so pleased with it that I went on a Superhero search for where it all began. You can’t help but love Simon. He’s had a hard day. His latest interview couldn’t have gone any worse, and he’s feeling pretty low.


London in the rush hour doesn’t aid his plight and trying to help somebody who has left his backpack behind lands him in a heap of trouble. Didn’t he hear the warnings about not touching left behind luggage on public transport?


He wakes from a coma, a changed man. In pure Wow! Kaput! Take That! Superhero style, a new Marvelesque Average-Joe-That’s-Anything-But-Average emerges, and Simon hasn’t a clue what to do with his new abilities.


There’s a lot in this book as we travel with Simon to Africa, and I loved the travel description elements of the book. We have a good smattering of humour, a character—and his wife—that it’s impossible not to warm to, and a good action-packed story that has you running for the next one—only I did it backwards. I hope we don’t have to wait too long for book three.





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