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It’s Good To talk



At Best Book Editors, we strive to give the best and most personal service possible.  Let’s try something different, instead of banging out a quote and a load of bumph about what we offer.

Let’s talk



Schedule a call by leaving us a message on Facebook Messenger, in email or on our Facebook page.

Give us a few times that are convenient for you (don’t forget to drop in your timezone), And we’ll give you a time from your list when we will ring you to have a chat about your needs

Absolutely, no obligation, if we’re not for you, no problem, we’ve had a pleasant five-minute chat.  No video, just a telephone call. Messenger Call-time is free anywhere in the world, so no charge to either party.

Messenger Calling  (the icon when you message somebody in Facebook Messenger, dials straight to your device)


Let us call you to discuss your needs regarding:

  • Developmental Editing
  • Proofreading
  • Typesetting
  • Illustrating
  • Cover Design
  • Marketing
  • Author logos (New)
  • Skype Video Consultation (book charting/ writing improvement tutoring/ writer’s block)
  • Skype Video Consultation (sharing screens to set up advertising campaign, Amazon Ads etc.)
  • Keyword Packages for your Advertising
  • Blurb/Synopsis Writing
  • Agent/Publisher Query Letter
  • Book Promotion Videos (New)
  • Author Interviews (New)

Every Commission comes with a free marketing package worth £100.00


What’s to lose? It could be the best call you make this week