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Testimonial from Sally Brierley February 10 2022 for Imogen’s Story editing and typesetting

Testimonial from Sally Brierley February 10 2022 for Imogen’s Story editing and typesetting

First, I would like to say a heartfelt thank you to Sooz (AKA Katherine Black) for creating an amazing community on Facebook and for running a marvellous business. It’s a very scary process publishing your first novel. The doubts are endless and pressing ‘publish’ on KDP is enough to trigger an anxiety attack. I was invited into the Best Book Editors Facebook group by a fellow author and I am so glad I joined. The community in the group is supportive and encouraging. I have left a few Facebook groups because the behaviour of the members is less than supportive, BBE shows the others how it is done. It is while on the page that I saw an advert for their Nip & Tuck editing service. This was something I could afford. I wrote my first novel to tick off a mental bucket list, so I didn’t want to sink money into it. I thought that would be a waste. People read my book, and people liked it. They asked for the next one. So I took a big step, I decided to hand it over to the good people at BBE for a high-level edit. This is the first time a professional in the industry read my novel. I was scared, anxious and in need of a stiff drink.


I got the draft edit back and cried (happy tears. I’m proud of myself tears). The feedback was encouraging, constructive and hilarious. I learned more from that edit about my writing style, and about writing conventions than I had learned in all my years at school. I decided to then pay for another edit and asked BBE to typeset the book for me. They didn’t disappoint. Throughout the entire process, I have been kept up to date on where my manuscript was and how it was coming along. At no point have I had to send an email chasing for an update. This is a big deal for a first-time author who is feeling a little protective over her ‘baby’. I had already signed a contract with a cover designer before knowing about BBE. This company is large, well-known and recommended by Reedsy. They have some big clients, so I decided to splash out on them. Now, don’t get me wrong, the cover is amazing and I can’t wait to see it on my novel, but the customer service has not been anywhere near the levels of BBE. BBE have set the benchmark. With the other company, I have had to chase for information and updates at every step of the way, mostly ignored and have found this very frustrating.


Thank you, BBE for setting the benchmark. I look forward to sending you my second novel for editing, typesetting, marketing, the whole shabang!


You all work tirelessly to give your customers your very best. It is appreciated and it really does make the difference.


Best wishes


Sally AKA Ali Fischer

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