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Blog to Feature Amanda Sheridan by Staff Blogger Laura Lyndhurst

Dreams are fascinating and come in several forms, touched on by author Amanda Sheridan in her excellent trilogy. Her books are Rapid Eye Movement, The Dreaming and her just-released novel Dream Catcher. But bear with me, and I’ll get back to Amanda.

We have no control over our sleeping dreams. They often don’t make sense and are forgotten when we wake. Then there are the waking ones, where we dream about being a famous author, athlete, or actor. We can control these if we choose to. For most of us, however, the dreams don’t come true, which is why I take them with a pinch of salt. Yes, I’ve daydreamed about being a famous author, but I’m not kidding myself that it will happen.

The best dreams are those we don’t realise we’ve had. This happened to me recently. I have a good relationship with Sooz Simpson, notwithstanding the banter in these blogs. I respect her thirty years of experience in the business, so when she speaks, I tend to listen, as in when she read You Know What You Did. She came straight to the point. ‘It’s a great book, but the cover’s not selling it. I’ve made you a new one.’ Whatever you say, Sooz.

She emailed me not one but three possible covers, two of which I loved. My favourite—which Sooz and her designer liked best too—now graces the book, which has improved massively in sales and KU page reads ever since.

Sooz went on to read the first two books of my Criminal Conversation trilogy, loved them, and came up with a set of covers that dreams are made of. The third needs a tweak, The hair colour is wrong, and the man doesn’t fit my character. Sooz hadn’t read the book at the time of design, but she didn’t bat an eyelid and said, ‘Okay, no problem. We’ll change it.’

I love the other two covers, and all three covers will grace the books in the future.

It feels all the better because I’ve had a nightmare with covers for Fairytales. Amazon wouldn’t advertise it. So I did my own—it’s not great, but it’ll do— replacement which is fine, but to my knowledge, two other authors have used it since.

But now, without expecting it, I have exclusive bespoke book covers which put the story right in their respective genres. My humble books can take their place and stand tall alongside their peers.

And that, my friends, is a dream made possible by the dream team of Sooz Simpson & Co. Obviously, Sooz won’t give you the hard sell she gave me—she’ll wait for you to approach her, but when you do, she’ll go all out to ensure you get what you want. She has confidence in her work—she told me that if I didn’t like my covers, she’d keep them for herself and write books to fit them. Dream on, Sooz, I’d like to have seen that, but I want those covers so we’ll never know what might have been.

And talking about nightmares turning into dreams brings me back to Amanda Sheridan. Her trilogy of dreams coming true, turning to nightmares, and vice-versa. Amanda’s books have some dreamy and eye-catching cover images, courtesy of BBE as well as mine.

Review of Rapid Eye Movement – Amanda Sheridan (5*)

Jennifer is living the dream. She’s relocated to Cyprus, one of her favourite places in the world, set up a thriving design business, and met the man of her dreams. Ilan is an Israeli businessman of movie-star good looks who’s equally smitten with Jennifer. The only niggle on the edge of this dream is that Ilan is evasive about what his business consists of.

They are forced to flee after a car crash, and a knock on the head puts Jennifer in hospital. It isn’t an accident

In Yorkshire, England, Lucy is living her own dream. She’s found the right property in the perfect location to renovate with her builder husband, Charlie.

However, she dreams of living a different life when she’s sleeping. In her sleep, she’s this Jennifer woman and is having a once removed, no-holds-barred physical relationship with a man of movie-star good looks.

Jennifer is discharged from the hospital. In her sleep, she’s living a different life and having a no-holds-barred physical relationship with a builder–but only through the eyes of Lucy.

I haven’t read this concept before. Amanda Sheridan has developed an interesting and novel idea. It was well-written and held my interest throughout, though I hated how it ended. I can’t say more without giving the end away, so I’ll live with it and let readers find out themselves. The characters and their situations were well-drawn. I engaged with them, which is why I didn’t like the ending. There’s a sequel to come, and I’ll be there to read it. I can’t think of any reason for not giving this five stars, so that’s it. Five stars and a strong recommendation.

Review of The Dreaming- Amanda Sheridan (5*)

Time has moved on since the events in Rapid Eye Movement. Jennifer and Ilan are happily settled in Israel. Or they were until Ilan was recalled for active service, where things aren’t going as planned. Jennifer is pulled in to use her unique gift to help resolve the situation. For better or worse, she puts her skills to use With the Mossad—and her boss Saul Mueller isn’t slow to capitalise on the opportunity.

I preferred this sequel to Rapid Eye Movement, but only because I didn’t like the ending, which was a personal preference and in no way a criticism of the considerable story-telling skills of author Amanda Sheridan. In The Dreaming, the story moves quickly, with the tension ramping up near the end. Jennifer’s special skills are a novel concept, and the author should be congratulated on dreaming them up—pun intended. I have no issues with that score.

This was a good read, well-paced and characterised. I thoroughly recommend it.

Review of Dreamcatcher – Amanda Sheridan (5*)

Things aren’t good with Ilan and Jennifer. It’s evident in the frosty reception he gets on return from his last mission—last in every sense. At Jennifer’s insistence, he’s retired from the organisation he loves after putting his life on the line and almost losing it. Jennifer’s attitude says he should be grateful for her rescue as soon as he walks through the door.

She’s resentful of what saving her husband’s life cost. Now she’s bound to Saul Mueller—who brings to mind Saul Berenson of C4’s Homeland—for as long as he wants her. Jennifer’s special skills are used in the service of the country. It’s the way Saul and Ilan manipulated her that she can’t forgive. Or the dream-as-real-as-life in which Ilan held a knife to her throat.

Conjugal harmony is off the table for now, then. Jennifer’s on the night shift for the foreseeable. Her dreams—including one that touches on Saul’s family—are anything but sweet. And then the pandemic strikes. Cue lockdown, and Jennifer and Ilan are forced into closer proximity than they want. Forced house arrest might just do the trick. When things might work out for the couple, they shoot off at a tangent, and our heroes are in peril again. Jennifer’s dreams are a nightmare, and Ilan experiences life from her side of the duvet. There’s also a little unexpected assistance through a voice from the past.

Can they work it out? It’s touch and go, and, as this is the final book in the series, things could go either way. A page-turning narrative that builds to a climax from Amanda Sheridan, author of Rapid Eye Movement and The Dreaming. Highly recommended.

Here are a few more goodies from Amanda Sheridan for you to play with , click around and enjoy.

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