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BBE Blog Showcasing  C A Deegan And the Fabulous Cracklock Saga.

BBE Blog Showcasing  C A Deegan And the Fabulous Cracklock Saga.


This week’s showcase for C A Deegan is going to be a very easy one to write. Craig is a fabulous author in his own right. A man who takes time to edit, edit, and edit his books of errors. That goes a long way, in my estimation. He’s also a BBE client and one of my admins in the Best Book Editors Group, so I have a personal interest in doing what I can to help Mr Deegan. Incidentally, and quite by chance, the universe has aligned for him, and he’s the Featured Author on the BBE group for the next week. He will be available to chat with, and it’s your chance to get to know the man behind the words.

Craig has a brand new book out this week. Dire Sorrows is the fourth tome in the Cracklock Saga, andI can’t wait to get to it.


Again universe chance alignment. I finished a book, and one of his was the next one on my TBR list. That’s three coincidental cogs turning together to make this his week.


BBE wish him all the success in the world.


I have a little bit of OCD going on in my circuitry. I eat one food item at a time. I can’t stand food touching. If beans contaminate my delicious mashed potato, I will painstakingly move them out of the way. I’ll eat the same thing for months and then never touch it again for ten years or more.  I drive my poor Hubby, a bit of a chef personality, insane.

Getting to the point, I latch onto things, one fad leads to the next and the next, and they are all-consuming and often expensive. I have to pull myself away to do this crazy little thing called work, which is exactly what I’m doing here. So I thought I’d write about my latest fad today.

I am trying to help my son find his father’s family. Long story, not of interest.  Anyway, I reluctantly agreed to take a DNA test along with my eldest son on the site, 23&Me. Don’t get me started on the spit filing of the vile. It was gross. The idea was that any relatives showing up on mine, and my eldest son’s list, as well as the youngest, had to be from my side. Anybody showing on the youngest son’s side alone was from his father.

Other than helping my boy, who I would do anything for, I had absolutely no interest in finding relatives living or dead. Not in the slightest. I don’t like most of my family much, so why the hell would I want to find more of them? I have enough Christmas present to buy.

When the results came back, I had relatives that I’d never heard of. Out of curiosity, I contacted them, and they gave me more information to add to my family tree.

Almost without any conscious decision to build it—it grew.  So I added more, and that threw up other people. Before I knew it, I’d traced every direct parent on my maternal side back to the mid-1850s. I added siblings, and that threw up more people and their spouse’s siblings and children.

I was hooked.  I signed up to And it blew my mind. Some contacts had up to 15 ‘hints’. These are additional pieces of information and linkage to new contacts.  After four days, I was living in the 1600s.


My great-grandfather was married with five children. They were all killed when a V2 rocket hit their house in the Second World War. Can you imagine that?

I didn’t care about these people, but pieces of information like that touched me. I’ve known for years that my mother was murdered—drowned, when I was five, and I was brought up in the system. Maybe because of that, I don’t have a lot of interest in family stuff prior to my children. But this was fascinating.

It’s like a platform game. Instead of shooting the baddies, you are looking in hidden chests for information, and when you find it, you add it to the map. Every time a new generation is added, you power up to the next level.  I’ve never got it. Who cares about people who died 300 years ago?



But it sucked me in. I was grabbing every spare second I could in between paid work for clients and trying to make targets on my own writing. I was back on the computer for fifteen hours a day. Until disaster struck. Using cross-matching of the two sites and all the many people I’ve talked to and scrounged new information from, I went to add my next batch of people.


‘You have reached your maximum capacity of 250 contacts and can’t add any more.’



No way.

This couldn’t be. It was a disaster. What the hell was I going to do with my great, great, great, great, great, great, great, great, great Granddad now? He was stuck on my pasting tool and would stay there forever, rendering my computer useless if I couldn’t put him somewhere.

There was nothing for it. I had to execute 9-Great Granddad.


Bugger! Oh well, fad suspended—I went back to writing the latest book.


And so, onto the fabulous and very much alive Mr Deegan. In addition to the BBE review that we’ve already done for his first book, Fae or Foe, and his last Dire Sorrows, I want to say that his imagination is wonderful. The beauty of fantasy is that you can fantasise. I enjoy writing my fantasy books as well because you can go anywhere, do anything and dream up things as yet undreamt and unwritten. They say everything has been thought, scribed, and printed, but I disagree. The imagination is more vast than Cracklock, and in it, Deegan will find new pastures of the Cracklock world yet to be uncovered.

I urge everybody to buy these books. I would say suitable for eleven years onwards and perfect for both young people and us adults. Christmas is coming, and they are better than perfect as a gift—whatever that is. Go on, invent a word that is better than perfect.

As a teenager hungry for words, I would have been delighted with these on Christmas morning, and that would have been me for a week or so, as I lurked in comfy corners devouring the set.



Amazon direct click-through to buy links.

Book One Fae or Foe

Book Two Lost And Departed

Book Three Alice and The Mirror

The Tale of Nathaniel Cracklock

Dire Sorrows (Universal)


The Official BBE REview for the first book in the series.

Review of Book 1: Fae or Foe?: The Cracklock Saga by C A Deegan

And the last


Review of Dire Sorrows the Fourth Book of Cracklock by C A Deegan


Want a taste of what to expect. Check out the book trailer here.



And here are just a few of the ways to contact CA Deegan if you fancy a bit of author stalking.










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